Volunteers are an integral part of the MV Hospice Palliative Care Team working under the direction of our Clinical Director to provide a variety of services.  We have many different opportunities for committed, caring individuals and teams who would like to make a difference in someone’s life. There are no minimum or maximum hours required to be a volunteer.  Volunteers give of their time as they are able.  Some enjoy a specific day and time each week, while others volunteer for a specific patient or project as needed.  Services are offered in person’s homes or in institutions, where ever the person resides and support will follow the person in varied locations.  Volunteers may assist in any preferred location.

Touch Base Newsletters

MVHPC staff issues Touch Base newsletters to keep volunteers up to date and well informed.  The newsletter will highlight MVHPC events, communitity education sessions, statistics and program updates,  as well as volunteer training information.  The newsletter is another way for MVHPC staff to share volunteer stories and family testimonials.

Training and Education

All volunteers who provide direct patient and family assistance are required to take a 30 hour Palliative Care Training course.  Volunteers must also submit a Vulnerable Sector Screening Check, registration and reference documents.

Volunteer Testimonials

Volunteer Testimonials ___________________________________________________________________________________________ "Volunteering has and continues to be a learning experience to cherish each day, listen deeply and value life."  ...

Volunteer Role and Registration

The Role of the Hospice/Palliative Care Volunteer

The role of the Hospice Palliative Care Volunteer is to be of assistance to anyone who may need it…the patient, their families or other members of the care provider team.  The volunteers have indicated their interest in working with, and their ability to relate to patients and families affected with a life limiting condition.