Patient and Family Advisory Council

MVHPC & Partners Patient and Family Advisory Council

As experts in Patient and Family experiences, patients and their families are in the best position to provide recommendations on improving the planning, delivery and evaluation of care services within the framework of Patient and Family Centred Care.

Patient & Family Advisory Council Values:

Patient & Family Centred, Respect, Integrity, Pursuit of Excellence, Learning, Innovation

The term “patient” is used to describe any person who is or has been served by the hospital and its partners and “family” to describe any individual who provides or has provided care to a patient or former patient.


The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC), comprised of members of the public and staff of MVHPC and its partners, is dedicated to:

  • improving quality, safety and the healthcare experience of patients and their caregivers.

  • making sure programs and policies reflect patient needs; and

  • improving how patients and their caregiver’s access, understand and use information and services to make healthcare decisions;

  • serving as the community advisor/engagement group for BBAHS, MVHPC and SFMH to ensure that the local system is responsive and engaged with patients, clients and families in ongoing service improvement and co-design efforts.

The Public Members provide the perspective of the patients and family members who use the healthcare services, with the goal of helping to provide exemplary patient and family experiences.