We are committed to Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility

MVHPC is striving for a diverse and inclusive culture where staff, patients and the community feels welcome, respected, safe and valued in our environment.

This focus is on supporting the experience of:

  • Our people (including all our staff, physicians, volunteers and learners) – ensuring that they are comfortable contributing their unique skills and talents to deliver measurable results.

  • Our patients (including their families and care partners) – ensuring that they are comfortable in their care experience and receiving the highest possible quality of care

  • Our population that we serve – ensuring that they see our organization as a safe place to access care and address their health needs.

The purpose of the Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility (IDEA) committee is to provide strategic governance and oversight of the rollout and operation of the IDEA Strategy for MVHPC.